Leapfrog: The Complete Scout & Friends Collection (4 DVDs) – $12.99 – Regular Price $29.98

LeapFrog - Scout & FriendsDo you  have a little one?  If you are looking for some good, educational videos, the LeapFrog Series is one of our favorites!  My 2 younger kids, ages 2.5 and 4 love the Scout videos.  My 6 year old has now moved onto “cooler” shows…though she doesn’t seem to pass up the opportunity to watch when her siblings request them :).  I don’t mind letting them watch them during their allotted screen time (I’m pretty strict on how much TV I allow in the first place) since they are truly educational.

Right now, Amazon has Leapfrog: The Complete Scout & Friends Collection on sale for $14.99, regular price is $29.98.  PLUS, there is a $2 off coupon, bringing the price down to $12.99!  The 4 disc collection, which is designed for kids ages 2 – 4, includes:

  • NUMBERLAND: Join Scout and his friends for exciting learning adventures from the world of LeapFrog. When the pets long to learn about numbers, their magical car, Axle, whisks them away to Numberland. With the help of a new friend, Max, the pets meet all the numbers in the land and master early numeracy skills. Then it’s time to help the residents of Numberland plan a surprise birthday party for Max. It all adds up to plenty of fun and adventure as you sing and count your way through Numberland with Scout & Friends!
  • PHONICS FARM: Join Scout and his friends as they learn letter sounds with the help of some amazing animals! Scout, Violet, Eli and Penny long to learn about new animals. When their magical toy car, Axle, whisks them away to a farm, they discover a remarkable alphabet collection and ABC antics ensue! As the friends get in shape with an athletic alligator, console a sad seal, converse with a high-pitched horse and more, they make their way through the entire alphabet!
  • ADVENTURES IN SHAPEVILLE PARK: Scout & Friends head over to Shapeville in this delightful skill-building adventure that shows what a circle, square and triangle can really do! A new playground is being built at the park by the Beaver Brothers and soon the pets have their hands full helping with the construction. With the guidance of “measuring” mice, the pets lear n how to measure out all the various shapes, sizes, and dimensions needed to build the perfect parts of a perfect playground!
  • THE MAGNIFICENT MUSEUM OF OPPOSITE WORDS: Meet Scout and his friends, Violet, Eli, and Penny…best friends who have all kind of learning adventures along with their magical toy car, Axle. The friends are engaged in a hot game of “In other Words…” when they learn that the new Museum of Opposite Words is opening in their town today! Intrigued as to what opposite words might be, they hurry off to the museum. At the museum they find The Beaver Brothers struggling to get the exhibits completed in time for the Opening Night Gala and and the museum curator, Mr Polecat in full panic mode. Together the friends use vocabulary skills to unlock the clues and help the Beaver Brothers complete all of the exhibits in the nick of time!

If you were to purchase these 4 discs individually, they would cost a lot more than $12.99!

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